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Sannomiya's beauty salon is a salon that eliminates hair problems

A hidden and charming interior reminiscent of Brooklyn

Hair salon SERENDIPITY, a popular beauty salon in Sannomiya, is a salon that offers one-on-one services that truly meet the needs of our customers. Leading to a high repeat over the desired finish in a number of excellent treatment, we deliver in an overwhelming salon quality that does not attract others.
With polite counseling and advanced treatments, you can experience the moment when a more than ideal style that has never been heard before appears in front of you. There is a reputation for hair care and coloring, and with Science Aqua Treatment, the burden on the hair has been introduced by introducing the iNOA, the first landing in Japan, which is a topic that will bring back the beauty hair charge to regain glossy hair by revolutionary hair quality improvement. Up-to-date coloring is available to reduce


Arranging hair at a well-known beauty salon in Sannomiya

Express yourself more beautiful with a commitment to hair


Unsurpassed salon quality with high quality and no other

We are proud of the kindness and certainty of being close to our customers


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A charming salon convenient for the station Chika, a 5-minute walk from the nearest station


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hair salon SERENDIPITY

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2-5-7 Shimoyamate Dori Chuo-ku Kobe-shi, Hyogo Pref. Geno Building 2F

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10:00 to 20:00

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A popular hair salon in Sannomiya, hair salon SERENDIPITY is a hair salon that places importance on hair care that is well-known by the community and trusted and achieved, and is compatible with many menus that are gentle on the hair and have high quality.
The head spa and science aqua treatments are also used to improve the hair quality, and cuts and perms are also baptized and the image finish is popular even for reviews.

About us

You can image up boldly in the topic beauty salon in Sannomiya

Sannomiya's beauty salon has high technology that can cope with hair problems

Hair salon SERENDIPITY is a popular hair salon with high technology by high-stylish stylists, and it is a popular hair salon in Kobe that is treated with sincere customer service that value customers' encounters. There is a good location where it is easy to go to the station Chika, friendly staff meet and talk about a hidden, fashionable atmosphere that is reminiscent of Brooklyn in NY. We offer courteous counseling in a one-to-one manner, and deliver accurate, precise and speedy treatments that will create the best style for our customers.
The cutting and perm skills are high, and women's hair arrangements are of course recommended for men's cuts and have a well-established reputation in the region as a wide age group salon. We also boast high-quality coloring that attracts me with delicate colors, and we have a reputation for finishing that is more than expected to manipulate even the inner color of the topic. In the salon which cherishes the essence of the hair, in order to make the beauty of the hair more lasting, we adopt the science aqua treatment of the topic that gives nutrition and moisturizing with head spa and beauty hair charge based on cleansing of hair and scalp . It is also highly regarded as a comprehensive hair salon that supports hair quality improvement and incorporates hair straightening.

At the beauty salon in Sannomiya, the beauty of each and every one is taken care of

The hair salon SERENDIPITY, which is also attracting attention from highly discerning groups with high awareness of beauty, is a salon that has always been at the top of the ranking in rankings that are also admired by adult women and fashionable boys. The highly skilled stylist who has a lot of field experience has a position that they are good at, and it is famous as a comprehensive hair salon. We introduce head spa and treatment that revives hair from scalp with certain knowledge and technology to know the essence of hair, and will do style improvement while caring for hair with treatment that matched each customer with careful counseling.
Women's hair design and men's cut are also of high quality, and in particular the treatment with the inner color is a topic and reputation is shining and the hair arrangement corresponding to short to long is also recommended. All treatments in the salon are a salon that attracts attention in the word of mouth and has a large number of reservations, as it is woven with various techniques and devices that deal with hair. We adopt iNOA color which first landed in Japan in hair color and adopt innovative science aqua treatment in hair quality improvement and hair care including hair straightening, too, and it is characterized by many treatments to restore supple hair .